Pushcut API - How to create a binding for smart notifications?

I just released the brand new Web API for Pushcut, and my intention is to offer everything that is needed to integrate Pushcut really well with openHAB.

Here is the documentation. <- You can even play around with the API through the web UI.


The primary use is to send smart notifications with dynamic content and automation actions to your iOS devices.

However, I think the coolest part is the possibility to register you own (local network) webhooks as “online actions” in Pushcut.

This way we could trigger openHAB rules as a response - directly from the notification action - on your local network.

So, you could send a notification asking: “Should I turn off the lights?” and there could be Yes/Dim/No options that actually do it. Or you could say “TV was turned on, should I open the remote app?”, or something like that.

I believe there are many situations where fully automatic is not feasible, but a “quick action” on your phone at the right time is the best experience. This type of interaction is the reason I created Pushcut: for “semi-automation”, where you are given the right options at the right time.

To be honest, I have lost track a little how one would go about creating a binding like this these days with openHAB.

Is anyone willing to help me create this integration?

Too bad it’s iOS only.

This is probably something you would want to set up as an Action rather than a binding. You really don’t need a binding to receive the incoming commands since it can send those to the OH REST API directly (assuming it supports more than just HTTP GET). I’m trying to envision a sue case where having a full blown binding would make a difference and can’t think of one.

That’s the best I can offer for advice. I don’t develop for openHAB really and I don’t have an iOS phone so couldn’t really help if I did.

maybe one fine day I’ll make and android version for it - much to learn I still have for that though ; )

about the webhook: currently you can only register a URL as a “REST hook” - so basically a plain URL that will be posted to with a Pushcut payload.

you cannot edit the details of this call (like a specific body) - that way I believe it will be impossible to use the openHAB rest interface.

I was thinking more along the lines of MQTT, where you have outgoing and incoming stuff - but the whole thing was refactored and I have not yet caught up with how that all works now…

+1 on the android version!