Representing a motion detector in HABPanel

One of my items from the zwave controller is a motion detector, how in the HABPanel can I show a visual indicator if the motion detector is open or closed and show the last time it was tripped?

I made a custom widget for that purpose.
Download it from here. After that launch habpanel, open the menu on the left side and click on settings. You can find it on the bottom.
On the right side you should see a button called like this: “Manage Custom widgets”. Click on that. On the next page you can find a button called “import”, choose the file you just downloaded and import it.

Save everything and switch to your habpanel. Click on configure to edit your dashboard. Choose from the upper right corner the new imported widget. It should be called “motion-item”

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No matter what I try to do I can’t download the file form that link.

Sorry, try this one

I can’t figure out how to upload other file types than pictures to the forum. Strange.

sorry can you upload yorwidget again, is not available.

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