Request: binding for the Norwegian Mbus aka HAN port signalling format


OBIS List and codes.

Looking at the docs indeed it looks like this device has an M-Bus interface. This is actually good message. The bad one is that openHAB currently does not support M-Bus. Neither directly nor indirectly.

You can try few ways:

  1. Get the M-Bus/USB adapter and use shell scripts to do read outs (using ie:
  2. Get M-Bus to Modbus adapter which will map things, then use modbus on OH end.
  3. Wait for actual binding to happen.

The libmbus has I think support for json output so you can parse it and extract data as needed.

For few installations I have M-Bus to handle I got data over Relay Weblog for which I wrote basic data scrapper and corresponding binding. Its however not something which is optimal for smaller installations where you need to scrap one meter.


Maybe this is a good option?

It uses ZigBee.

It seems to be supported:

Its question towards your installation. If you have zigbee in your building then with above gadget you will unify interface to something you have. If you don’t use zigbee then you will add interface (mbus → zigbee) which will force you to get another stick.
Obviously m-bus is not system of the choice for many applications in individual buildings. Yet you can start sensing also gas/water/heat consumption with it. :wink: