Request: HF propagation data binding

Hi, since I am a licensed radio amateur the radio wave propagation is of great interest to me.

There are several existing realtime maps that it may be possible to extract data from:

It needs the Maidenhead locator to display the received stations in that location.
The four first signs is sufficient.

Another sources is:

Some examples of requests:,-1.574049580558576,2.872127277480532,-1.574049580558576,2.872127277480532

Can someone please look at it?

For me it is still not clear what you would like to achieve.
E.g. what is the input for your query and what would you like to extract from the output.
The CGI script e.g. could be queried by using a curl, wget script or the http binding. The output can be parsed by a script. But it looks like you are not allowed to execute that CGI script that often.

It can be used to warn if there is propagation to a country one wants, on for example 17 meters.

That again could be used to trigger a action.

It’s limited on requests so the server does not overload.

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