Request: Ondilo binding

Anybody who can develop something to integrate Ondilo? Ondilo i a swimming pool or SPA device that gives you read-out of your pool variables such as temperature, pH, ORP and also shares recommendations on what to do to keep it in shape.

They just released their API

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If you are interested but unable to develop the recommendation is to set up a bounty on bountysource to encourage a volunteer developer to do this.

Has this been posted as a bounty on bountysource? Tried a quick search there, but can’t seem to find any bounties at all :smiley: something wrong with me perhaps :wink: But, this is absolutely a binding I would be interessted in as well!

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Would it be possible to port this python script, originally made for HA? If someone more skilled than me would have a go, I would be very greatful :wink:!AFUlZPRGzBNDUTg&id=1E11FE5E3F3197B4!104&cid=1E11FE5E3F3197B4

If i had such a device i would probably go for an approach with using as much of the code as possible, and combining that with posting to a mqtt server. That way you don’t have to transfer all of it to a binding, maybe that is simpler to do?