Request Roborock App Binding

Hello all,

I have a Roborock S7 maxV Ultra and I want to integrate it into Openhab. I know it ist possible to do it with the miio Binding, but I don’t want to use the Xiaomi App. The Xiaomi App will not have the full functionalities as the Roborock App. I found out in the IO forum that it is possible to connect to the Roborock API. I tried out some scripts and it worked to get connection and some data. My experience in programming is not really good, so hopefully someone can generate a Binding for the Roborock API.

I think this would be very useful, because I have seen there are a lot of people who asked about it.

Thanks !



I’m also interested in that. Can anyone program?

You might consider to open a feature request on github and put a bounty on it. This might attract some developers to spent their free time for you.