[Request] Sport Binding (Soccer, NFL, match times, tables, live goals)

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I think it would be great if there was a binding that gets information about some sports.


  • DateTime for next match of your favorite teams
  • current scores
  • table
  • live goals

possible use cases:

  • turn on TV (or switch channel) when our team is playing
  • flash lights when our team scores
  • show table on your dashboard/wall mounted tablet
  • show next matches on your dashboard/wall mounted tablet

Maybe someone can and wants to develop such a binding.

In my case I would like to use this for the german “Bundesliga”.
Maybe this binding could be expanded to other leagues or sports such as NFL, MBL, Prmier League and so an.

I am not sure if dedicated bindings for different sports would be better.

If you are not a developer perhaps set up a bountysource for this to encourage someone to work on it.

Just did a search looking for an answer to this question… I really cannot believe this has not been done yet LOL We geeks watch sports too and would love to flash all the lights when we score! , well, when our TEAM scores…when we score it would be a completely different action,., but i digress, I am interested in this as well, I see you can do it with IFTTT using hue but there has to be a way to integrate something similar using openhab…Wish I was smaht so I could develop this.