[Request] Sport Binding (Soccer, NFL, match times, tables, live goals)

I think it would be great if there was a binding that gets information about some sports.


  • DateTime for next match of your favorite teams
  • current scores
  • table
  • live goals

possible use cases:

  • turn on TV (or switch channel) when our team is playing
  • flash lights when our team scores
  • show table on your dashboard/wall mounted tablet
  • show next matches on your dashboard/wall mounted tablet

Maybe someone can and wants to develop such a binding.

In my case I would like to use this for the german “Bundesliga”.
Maybe this binding could be expanded to other leagues or sports such as NFL, MBL, Prmier League and so an.

I am not sure if dedicated bindings for different sports would be better.

If you are not a developer perhaps set up a bountysource for this to encourage someone to work on it.

Just did a search looking for an answer to this question… I really cannot believe this has not been done yet LOL We geeks watch sports too and would love to flash all the lights when we score! , well, when our TEAM scores…when we score it would be a completely different action,., but i digress, I am interested in this as well, I see you can do it with IFTTT using hue but there has to be a way to integrate something similar using openhab…Wish I was smaht so I could develop this.

This is very good, i am currently also trying to do something that could use this binding if it will exist at some time…
I am from German and i am fan of the “HSV”, a soccer club in the 2.Bundesliga.
I would like to blink my openHAB-Integrated lights if my team scores, but where to get infos in nearly-real-time about a team’s goal???
If this would be developed, possible features i would like would be in addition to @christoph_wempe:

  1. Trigger channels with configurable teams (for example goal, red card, yellow card, game starts, game ends, halftime, and so on…)
  2. Near real-time (delay at least 3 seconds, because of my use case described above.
    It would be cool if someone could do somthing like this (Every smartphone can do this or similar things, but openHAB not???)

I am also from german,
I am fan of the “HSV” in the second Bundesliga and would find it great if something like this will be developed

This might be useful if anybody wants to start developing a binding or build items based on mqtt.
I have not tried this.

I just googled bundesliga mqtt.



Hmm, what has this in common with home automation ???
Nothing I am afraid…

Is that a general requirement for new bindings? In this case a lot of already created ones would have to be removed, for example the Tankerkönig binding.

No, it is shurely not. It‘s just funny to see what people use openHAB for.

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You can ask the guy who postes about this in his blog called www.smarthome-tricks.de.
Or ask the person that created an adapter for ioBroker.

Or just think about scenarios like:

  • turn on TV when “the game” starts
  • turn on green light when my team scores.
  • show the position of my team in the league on an lcd.
  • turn a lamp red, when my team is #1 :trophy:
  • indicate when the next game of my team is on a lcd strip

Sure, these are gimmicks.
But so is checking the status of your water pump from the couch. :wink: