Request support for chuangmi camera

Hi! Im using openhab 3.2 and was able power on the Mi Home Security Camera 360. I can only see 1 Power and 2 Experimental channels. Kindly see my logs.
Thank you. (106.9 KB) (6.8 KB)


may be @matt1 can help with this camera :smiley:

Sorry I am very busy so would not be keen unless someone did all the leg work and did a very simple summery of what was needed.

Does it have RTSP feed or another type of h264 stream? if so, what is the URL?
Does it have a way to detect if the camera has seen motion? if so what needs to be done.
How does it move the camera? If it does not support ONVIF then someone would need to use a program like wireshark or telerik Fiddler Classic to capture the HTTP traffic when you use the app. Hopefully the traffic is fully local and does not go via their cloud.

If a camera does not work 100% local and fails to work if you block it from the companies cloud, then I am really not interested in it.

Ive tried to downgrade the firmware of the cam so i can access it thru http but no luck.
Also tested RSTP using VLC but it didn’t work. Search on GitHub but :frowning:
I guess ill just stick on my other cams.
The cam doesn’t work 100% local.
Thank you for your time… :slight_smile:

I see you used miio binding dit the device.

As no camera have been added yet, none of existing comments respond.

You can send via the binding the commands you find here in the python-miio below or if you are brave create a JSON file for it

However that will just mean you can change the settings, not view the stream. Indeed with that you need a way to access the RSTP stream.

Though I’m very familiar with the miio binding I did not bother with my chuangmi camera, and instead flashed an alternative firmware

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