Request: Sureflap pet door connect binding

The Sureflap Microchip Pet Door Connect can be connected to an phone app, there is also a web page. Someone has written a Python library that can access the Sureflap connect’s web page: Maybe that can be used to write a binding?

What does the cat flap do? It can read a cat’s microchip and compares it to a database of known microchip IDs. It uses RFID technology. If the chip is not in the database it will be denied entry. The cat or multiple cats can be told apart because the implanted microchip has its own unique serial number. So it can be set to deny exit for a specific cat, but allow other cats to exit.


You can call the Python script from OH using Exec binding or executeCommandLine.

But unless and until there is a developer who both has one of these devices and the desire to build a binding for it and the time to acutally build a binding for it I don’t know if one will happen. But the first criteria, being in possession of the device is a must.

Looking at the code it does look like they use a REST API with the Sureflap cloud servers so it might be possible to write connectivity in Rules if someone were so inclined.

It’s an interesting product. If I didn’t have everything from bob cats to bears in my neighborhood I might even get one for my cats.

I also came across this product a few days ago… and i’m also interessted in a binding for this…

i’m pretty sure i will buy this the next couple of days… :joy::rofl:
want to know when and how long my 2 boys leave the house… :smiley:


can you please send me a
installing dokumentation
configuration dokumentation and
some sample API calls

for the rcastberg/sure_petcare

thank you


Hello Rich,
can you please say me
How i can call the Python script from OH using Exec binding or executeCommandLine?.
How i can generate a list of all API from the sure_petcare python lib from rcastberg?
Can you give a smple to get the information which cat walked in or out of my house?

Thank you

I can’t answer any of the rest of the questions. There is no command I know of and I know nothing about this script. Please read the documentation for the python code.

for a couple of days i now own such a Hub and Cat door…

unfortunately i dont have the skills to write such a binding… but if someone has the time and is able to write a binding for OH… i’m happy to help with testing…

from home assistant forum (link) i found this:

I also have a sure flap. Would also like to see binding. And would like to sponsor a small amount if someone makes a binding. So Someone van buy the Sure pet Door

a little sneak peak… still a lot of work to do… but have some things running :smiley:


as i’m not a Java Dev… but wanted to have this binding running… I took over the last days/weeks a very deep dive into binding development and how things are working… some things are quit hard to understand…

If i have any working code to share… i will let you know…
at least a java dev must take a look into this…

But for now i’m more than happy with this result



sounds great, can you please give me your Sureflap Binding code. I also have a Sureflap Connect Pet Door and i am very very interested to know if my cat is at home or outside.

Thank you


Hi Klaus… nothing shareable right now… but if i have finished the work… i’ll keep you posted here…


This would be really great keep us informed. I can add little myself. but hope this will get off the ground

Hello,any news on this?

I’m also waiting for this binding. I develop my own smarthome system with arduino, mqtt and openhab. I own one Surepetcare Hub, two connected cat flaps and have four chipped cats.
So I really would like to test these binding!

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is there something new, i am interested
Thank you


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So am I!

@kugelsicha I am also interested in this. Perhaps you can share your code on GitHub and let the community review and finalise the code?

Hi all, and @jschaeke , @klaus1 , @Daan_Lindeman , @Osmii , @Weidenwarft , @Hveem

Sorry for the late reply… i stopped developing this a while ago due to free time and missing dev skill problems… I run into some problems with fetching and converting data… and then the big change in openhab development happend (switch from ESH to OH core)

I must say that i’m not a Java developer and all the progress i made did used alot of time, and to figure out how things work… almost try and error…

So for this reason i stopped working on this…

IF someone has java developer skills and want to write a binding for this… i’m more than happy to assist, because i know how the response from the API are and how to call them… but cant put them into a working binding…

for now i’ll use my hackish way via http binding… but its read only

Sorry to hear that. I would help but I am no programmer at all :confused:
Would you be so kind and share your configuration for http binding?

No i cant… because i dont have and use it anymore…


I’m having a better working example which i’m just about to finish… which also has pros and cons…
I will share this code here… but as i’m running on the latest snapshot builds with the New Rule Engine JSR223 a well written HowTo is important and a bit of effort from users who wants to use this is also needed…

Spoiler ;-)

Almost everything is dynamic here:

I’ll keep you updated