Requested icon is returned as white empty image

I placed the weather icons from the weather binding in the icons/classic folder. When i for example request the rain-and-sleet icon via http://bla/icon/rain-and-sleet i get an empty image with 400x300 px. Even if i request icons which are really not exists. When i rename the icon to blub i can request the icon. What is openhab doing internal?

Can somebody help?

OH returns the none icon (blank) when the requested icon category cannot be found. A debug message is logged.

But the icon exist. And there is no log message as well, even if i request a really not existing item. Do i have to change the loglevel for something?

You’ve probably violated the icon rules

To be fair, that part of the OH2 docs is very lacking. The old OH1 doc has more detail - for example, the special nature of the “-” character in an icon file name

Folks put some effort into OH2 doc improvements six months ago but the edits haven’t made it through yet ?

It is. Sadly I did not have the time to invest any time there in the past months. I’m always hoping for others to help out, after all the needed improvements are mostly cosmetics and the details missing are all documented in the pull request you’ve referenced.
Despite the above I’ve just merged the PR to have the intermediate improvements on the documentation page. The comments still need to be addressed.

That’s not correct. The docs article is an improved version of the wiki article. Please compare:

Correction: I just realized you’ve added changes to the wiki article recently. Well what can I say, additions to the openHAB 1.x wiki will not do any good at this point. Would you like to take on the mentioned task to rework the docs article?

In February yes, and some of us are still running OH1 :slight_smile: Bear in mind there were no OH2 docs even in January.

I did, 24th February in pull 250, so far as I could. I have no idea how to use github and made a “suggestion” I think? Whatever it is termed, that was probably wrong as it has not been included.

No that was not wrong and in any way appreciated. Please do not take my answer as a discouragement or as an unfriendly counter argument. The situation is pretty simple. Working on the documentation is pretty time consuming and - while I still try to invest some - I honestly do not have as much spare time as would be needed.

I still hope for others to contribute content. That can be done via an Issue or as a Pull Request. A two sentence howto was posted here: Documenting openHAB 2

I’ll look at your contribution from the 24th now and try to include it today.

The problem was the hyphen. Sometimes it has worked. Without hyphens its always working.