Reset meter no longer possible for Fibaro FGWP101 Metered Wall Plug Switch?

I used to be able to reset the internal (energy) meter in the Fibaro FGWP101 wall plug using this item binding:

Switch sReset { zwave="8:command=meter, meter_reset=true" }

Apparently this (or the equivalent) is not available in OpenHAB 2. At least I cannot find a channel for “meter_reset” on the “FGWP101 Metered Wall Plug Switch” thing.

@Chris: Is there any particular reason for this, or is it just that the OpenHAB2 binding/configuration is not “100% up to speed” yet?

While on the topic; there used to be some info data to be read from the device (or the binding) as well (e.g. last_update, etc.) that I also cannot find as Thing channels.

This should be fully supported in the binding. Is there a channel listed in the database?

I found some time to take a look at this. Currently, this is implemented the same way as in OH1 - ie the reset can be attached to an item. I’m wondering though if this is the best approach - in my opinion this is an ‘admin’ function that you probably don’t want to be available to normal users. Most admin functions are generally being made available through the admin configuration interfaces (like PaperUI or HABmin). I wonder if this isn’t a more consistent approach, but I welcome anyones thoughts…

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Hmm… I tried to use “meter_reset” as channel “name” but I got an error in the log (from the Z-Wvae binding) saying something along the lines of “unknown command”.

I strongly vote for having this as a “normal” channel that can be used on sitemaps, in rules, etc.

Since the internal meter in the device clearly cannot count “forever” and needs to be reset sooner or later, there could be a use case for having automatic reset (after storing the meter reading) at some kind of periodicity, e.g. every 24 hours, every week, every month, etc.

I’ll take another look at this to see what’s up - please feel free to open an issue on github.

I think that’s clearly not something that should be done in the binding - automation should be handled within the automation systems in OH…

I have a feeling we are not on the same page; I only want (or wish I should say, :-)) to have the binding support the “meter_reset” command so that I am able to use this from a rule (or sitemap) in openHAB. I do not expect (or wish for) the binding to do any kind of automatic reset. This type of logic/action, I agree, should be handled by the automation system.

Sorry if I was unclear on this account before, :frowning:

I had a look at the data base (my first look, so I am not confident that I completely understand what I am looking at) and I could not find any reference to the command class “reset meter” being supported for the Fibaro FGWP101.

I have another device (Aeon Labs DSB28 Home Energy Meter G2) where the command class “Reset Meter” is indeed listed in the data base.

Is it simply a matter of updating the database for the FGWP101 to make this work, or is it more involved? In the former case, how do I go about making this happen?

I need to double check that this channel works in the binding - I’ll do that in the next day or so. Once the channel is working, then you only need to update the database to add the channel. To do this, you need an account, and I need to give you write access, then you need to add the extra channel to the meter command class.

I can do this one though to make sure it works.

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I’ll make sure to create an account, and read up on the Database Guide, so that I can hopefully be of more help in the future.

Any update on this?
Also been looking for the reset option :slight_smile:

Not yet, no.

FYI, same for GreenWave Power Node (just in case there is a DB update necessary)

This should be added to the binding tonight.

In order to use it, the database will need to be updated to add the meter_reset channel to the respective meter command classes.

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Note that the database needs updating for the specific devices.

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Just for clarification… updating the database means registering at and updating the device there?

Correct - just add the meter_reset channel to the respective command class in the device.

I have changed the database but don’t know if I did it right. Would be great if you could have a look :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll take a look later this evening.


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How long should I wait for you to process an XML uploaded to updated the DB? I uploaded an XML for the HSM400, and clicked on the “Request Review” button on 2016-09-05, and I have seen no update yet, is there something else I need to do, if I am looking to have updates processed? I don’t want to be a PITA!!!

That said, if you have time tonight could you look at my “issue”, too???

I was hoping for the “COLOR” and “NOTIFICATION” command classes to be added. I know the “COLOR” class is now listed in the xml, don’t remember if the “NOTIFICATION” is.

I also remember reading a little bit ago that “NOTIFICATION” class is on the verge

Please can you provide a link - I can’t find this device at the moment.

These are already available for a long time. Note that NOTIFICATION is actually called ALARM - it’s the same thing. COLOR has always been in the binding.