Reset Monoprice 15902 wave 4-in-1 sensor (Zoom ZSE40)

I have several Monoprice 15902 4-in-1 zwave sensors. I believe they are clones of the Zooz ZSE40. They were purchased in 2018. I had them in a network with OH 2.x. That system is gone (so I cannot do any excluding, etc). I am setting up a fresh OH3 system. I have set up a HUSBZB-1, but I cannot see the sensors.

I have tried the “click zwave button 10 times quickly” reset method, but they do not seem to respond to that. Anybody have any other suggestions on how to reset these devices?

Any controller should be able to exclude a device. Try setting the controller in exclusion mode & excluding the devices first.

I believe they are clones of the Zooz ZSE40

If they are clones they likely have different device id/type & probably different manufacturer ID.I do not see a 15902 listed in our device database.

They show up as a ZSE40, or at least they did under OH2.x.

In the OH3 interface, I’m not sure how to do the exclude. When I go Settings -> Things -> Z-Wave Serial Controller, I see the option to exclude devices. When I click that, I get a dialog asking “Exclude Devices?”. If I click OK, nothing seems to happen in the UI to indicate I’m in an exclusion mode. I did try clicking OK and then hitting the zwave button on the sensor to try and get it excluded, but no change in behavior.

I have one of those. It is a clone, but it’s a clone of the first-gen Zooz that has AAA batteries instead of a CR20. It still shows up in OH3 as a ZSE40.

Just to confirm, are you saying that you used a different Z-Wave controller with your OH2 system? Because when you include a device, they’re included by the controller, not OH. If it’s the same USB stick, then they should still be recognized.

It sounds to me like you’re doing the exclusion properly, but the database says to click the button twice. I don’t know how accurate this is, as I’ve never needed to exclude.

Exclusion Information

  1. Bring the 4-in-1 sensor as close to your Z-Wave gateway controller as possible
  2. Put your Z-Wave controller in exclusion/unpairing mode
  3. Press and release the Z-Wave button TWICE quickly
  4. The device should disappear from your controller’s device list.

The led indicator will flash 3 times when you take the batteries out and put them back in to indicate the device has been successfully excluded. Please repeat the process following all steps carefully if the led indicator blinks only once when you reinsert the batteries.

Sorry to bump an old thread. I have the same sensor from monoprice and it takes AA batteries. Please can you confirm whether this device has a temperature sensor or not. The online documentation says it does but zwavejs2mqtt does show the temperature channel. What does OH3 reflect for this device?

If it takes AA batteries (and not AAA), then it’s not the same sensor. There’s no way for larger AAs to fit in there. Mine looks like this.


Sorry, the AA was a typo. And mine looks the same as yours. Finally, answering my own question it is indeed reporting temperatures!.