Reset routine via Internet

I’m looking for a solution/ tutorial to reset my openhabian from ‘outside’, e.g. on travel (I have a secure connection via my KNX installation). I’ve noticed that my instance is from time to time lagging and stops recording data points in influxdb … caused whatever reason. A reset helps, even its not solving the root cause. Within the same NW at home I can reset via terminal connection via ssh but not from outside - but from outside I can access secured openhab web frontend.
Is there any ‘button’ or value, routine that can trigger a reset of the openhabian instance?


Something like this: [SOLVED] Reboot or shutdown raspberry with rule ( executeCommandLine needs to be adapted for OH3 ) ?

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In my old set up I used to ping google from my OH system every day and it that failed a couple of times the rpi would reboot itself. That way even if you can’t acces the system will reboot itself.
Since my upgrade this isn’t implemented any more so I can’t tell you exactly what I did but I used the post above.

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