Residential PoE Lighting Options?

I am in the planning process for our new house build and am looking for options for lighting. I am located in the US. What, if any, lighting options are available for PoE from the residential standpoint. I see plenty of industrial options. I am having a hard time selling my wife on this stuff so any options designed more for residential would be helpful.

This depends on what you’re trying to power, and the amperage rating (total/combined) per injector you would need. What I did to my house when they were constructing it was to pull 2 (yes, two) CAT5e cables per room. This way, I have 2 independent networks for the entire house. 1 cat5e is gigabit, the other is megabit with POE. Also, along with with 2 cat5e cables is the regular 2-wire phone line. They are all terminated through keystone fittings. You can have the cabling now, and worry about POE later. Adding POE to existing cabling is basically a matter of just purchasing which injector for your purposes, and injecting your cables with power to make them POE.

I live in the US also, Bay Area, Calif. (go Warriors!! lol)

Thanks for the advice!

The PoE lighting is very new. It is up-in-coming in commercial settings mostly right now. What it seems like they are doing is running CAT6 to a remote node and then installing a power injector there, closer to their lights. They are actually powering things as high as 100 watts on the new 802.3 BT standard (not yet officially released). That actually allows for several lights on one “circuit” if you choose. I will be running multiple CAT6 runs per room and a bunch extra.

I was really hoping to incorporate some SmartLighting also. I was hoping to find a UL listed appliance or panel I could run all of my circuits through to control automation. This has been more of a task than I initially thought. I have looked at Sonoff but am not super sold on it either.

I really like the concept that the guy on SuperHouse.TV introduced with running CAT5 to all of your switches and run traditional wiring back to a separate panel. But that isn’t UL approved nor does it make resale very easy down the road. I also want all of my lighting hard wired. I don’t want to have to deal with wifi / zwave / zigbee. So many decisions! So little time! Luckliy they haven’t broken ground yet.



I have posted this response several times in the past although I am not affiliated with the company:

@nekmech Thanks for the reply! It’s very tempting to go that route.

Well I have found one option so far in the PoE Lighting sector for Residential use in the US. Zaniboni Lighting does it. Now from what I have found, ALL of their product lines are super high end. I saw fixtures for their normal lights that were $1500 / light! That’s way too rich for this guy. I guess Zaniboni’s sister company does a lot of lighting in the Yachting world. I am waiting for a salesmen to make contact with me from them. SO we’ll see what their PoE option prices out at.

I did hear back from another vendor who does mostly commercial PoE lighting right now. They said hat the market is growing very quickly and they will likely have an option in the future, but do not have anything as of today.



I didn’t buy any of the lights in the Lumencache catalog. I got lights from china. I used mostly flat constant current pancake lights that are embedded in the ceiling and also some 12v constant voltage corn-cob type lights that fit standard E26/E27 fixtures.
I got some outdoor sconce light fixtures from Home Depot and some light fixtures for the dining room from Amazon. I suppose the biggest expense was the installer. In retrospect I probably could have done the job myself but when you’re building a house on a schedule it’s hard to do everything.

PoE++ is new tech. I like it… I would like to discuss these topic:

  1. Where to put PoE switch for a house? becuse the ceiling is drywall in a house. a. Beside electrical panel. b. beside each vent louver.

2.How to layout the PoE outlets for each different room? Same with receptacles?

  1. Is there cheap PoE switch and PoE light?