Resizing panels created in Win10 for IOS devices

I have created a panel which looks OK in Windows and the font size can be adjusted when the browser window is resized (I use STRG-+ or STRG-- to resize the displayed text parts until it fits into the respective widgets areas).

When I call up the same panel on a iPad (or an Android tablet) the browser display is totally screwed up and I used either the Apple browser or Chrome app. I see the widget areas reduced in height so that the total area is using about 50-60% of the ipad screen height and all widget contents are displayed with the same size as the original windows display. So the content is pread over the whole screen tooo large!

Under Windows, the panel offers in the right top corner a button to switch into some “fullscreen” mode, but on the iPad I do see theat button, but it does not react when touched. I may be blind, but I believe the STRG-** functions to try to shrink the fonts size…

Any idea how to get proper widget displays on the iPad? Just to add: I have assigned specific font-sizes to fields in the widgets as I did not find something to make a text content to be (for example) 80% of the widget height and thus allow to automatic resizing. Could I have missed an option in HabPanel definition?

You can use the Chrome developer tools “device toolbar” to simulate the iPad on your desktop PC and design your dashboards for it, more info here: