Resizing video element in my sitemap

Hi, I was finally able to configure my sitemap properly. I have a submenu to see my webcam, but the video is huge and it doesn’t fit on my screen entirely. I would like to make it smaller. (The video is streamed from MotionEye on my raspberry pi)

Here is my sitemap:

sitemap home label="My Home"
 Frame label="Lights" {
  Colorpicker item=Bedroom label="Bedroom Colors" icon="colorwheel"
  Slider item=Bedroom label="Bedroom brightness" icon="sun"
  Group item=Lights label="All lighting" icon="hue"
  Group item=Bedroom label="Bedroom" icon="bedroom"
Frame label="Camera" {
    Text icon="video" item=MotionEyeCam{
        Video icon="video" url="" encoding="mjpeg"

There does not appear to be any way to set the size of the video on the sitemap. It should resize to the size of your screen though.