Resol VBus-LAN Adapter

since yesterday I have a Resol VBus LAN adapter which I intend to use to gather data from my Resol Deltasol controller which is used for the solar thermic water heating.
I have OH 3.4.3 running on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. on Intel hardware.
I installed the Resol binding and provided the necessary information:

  • IP address
  • Login
  • Password
  • Port 7053 (left from installation of the binding)

Now, the binding is online for roughly 3 secs, then offline with a communication error, then back online and this repeats continuosly.
Interesting fact is that the web page from the Resol VBus-LAN shows the port 6432 (UPnP Port Number) but in the OH settings this is 7053 as default.
What is wrong here?
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you in advance.
Wolfgang (Beginner with OH in general but I like OH.)

I changed the port in the OH binding to 6432 which is also set in the Resol Web interface.
In OH I still get online connections interrupted for 1 sec or so by an error, then becoming online again.
I have to say that up to now I did not yet connect my DeltaSol controller.
Is this the reason for the issue above?

Hi Wolfgang,
I have a Deltasol with inbuilt LAN modul, so I do not know if there is a difference if no device is connected, what possibly could be the reason.
What I know is that VBus allows just one connection, so if I open the webif I get the same ~1sec on- offline entries in log.
Same happens if you use their cloud service.

Hi Chris,
thank you for the reply.
I have no other device which is trying to connect to the Resol VBus LAN adapter.
So there should not be any conflict with other devices trying to use the adapter.
I will try to see if the problem still occurs if I connect my VBus to some DeltaSol.
I will let you know but this may take some time because I still need to carry out the hardware installation down in the cellar.
What DeltaSol do you use with built-in LAN?

Hi Wolfgang,
I have the SLT since a few years and the binding is running just perfect for me.
I installed too much collectors, so my system went often in stagnation with temps up to 160°C, which killed the liquid within every two years.
Now I am using the collector cooling function and also cooling the water tank over night.
Was a great help to have the data visualized in Grafana for optimizing the settings.

Mh. This is an issue you are not completely alone with but there seems to be no common easy reason and solution.

Clearly it happens if you have multiple devices in your network accessing the VBUSLAN adapter, as it supports only one connection at a time.

Are you sure to have a clean openhab setup? Not with something like 'the binding insalled in different versions or multiple OH instances running in your network?

You could try to change the IP of the VBUSLAN adapter to avoid trouble with multiple devices accessing simultaniously. Or a simple reboot of the VBUSLAN could also help.

Ah, you do not have a solar controller connected on VBUS side? Maybe that could cause trouble and the binding might try to reconnect if no data is received at all.

today I got a used NAU Solar Control 2000 with an integrated VBus interface.
(The NAU device is similar or identical to the Resol DeltaSol Pro, as it seems to me.)
After connecting this with the Resol LAN adapter the connection from OpenHAB to the LAN adapter works well and there is no interruption of the connection.
It seems that things work fine.
Now, I have to learn how to query information from the controller but that is a different story.
I will close the topic.
Thank you OpenHAB community!

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