[RESOLVED] BTicino Myhome and local bus

on site I have a myhome F454 gateway bus; in openhab all was good installed ; bindings ok
My question is how to adress things with local bus adresses ? on my home suite i see some things on local bus but i dont know how to act on it

Sans titre

ok il resolve my probleme
on openhab the things arre adress with local bus like that “XXXhXXhXX” or there is no the openweb protocol , ill change the “h” by “#” and then write “XXX#XX#XX” and its work

This is a bug in the openwebnet binding.
I opened this new issue which will be solved in a upcoming release.
The suggested method above works: change the h to # in the where parameter of the discovered things.

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The fix for this issue has just been included in milestone OH 3.2.0.M5

Good thx
Can i Ask you about one other problèm ?

it’s much better to use this topic where many other users are reading and maybe can help

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