RespberryPi 3b+ fan

Hi guys, I got a RespberryPi and I bought with it a fan, and I place it on the case and it’s working good!

One big problem the fan is 100% all the time, very noisy.

How can I control the fan?

You’d better ask that on a RaspberryPi Forum.

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Chat around my office had come to the conclusion that the fan was next to useless. have you tried to check temps without the fan being on? Risky I guess but worth asking.



My raspi 3b is beyond a USB SSD and next to a NAS.
Everything inside a cabinet.
I do not have any temperature issues. So i do not think that you really need the fan

This might be interesting:

I’m a little late to the game. What you might consider is a low-profile CPU cooler.

Purchased one last year for a raspberryPi 3B+ that I keep outside in a weather resistant case with other gear. Works well and only makes a little noise.