Respond CO2 values

Use case: I want to ask alexa for the current carbon dioxid level, measured by a Netatmo weather station. Therefore I’m using the Alexa Smart Home Skill API „RangeController”.

Question to Alexa: “Wie ist der CO2 Wert im Arbeitszimmer?” (english: “What is the workroom carbon dioxid level?”)
Alexa response: “CO2 Wert im Arbeitszimmer CO2 Wert im Arbeitszimmer ist 1324“ (english: „CO2 level in the workroom CO2 level in the workroom is 1324”)

My questions:

  1. How can I prevent Alexa from saying the item label twice in the response?
  2. How do I have to configure the RangeController properties that Alexa includes the unitOfMeasure = “ppm” (parts per million) in the response?

Any ideas?

Item configuration:

Number:Dimensionless Netatmo_Workroom_CO2_Alexa "CO2 Wert im Arbeitszimmer" { channel = "netatmo:NAModule4:home:03000009xxxx:Co2", alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [supportedRange="300:4000:1", nonControllable=true, unitOfMeasure="ppm"] }

Note: I know that I can ask Alexa for Netatmo weather station measured values using the existing Netatmo Alexa skill but this isn’t handy: “Ask Netatmo what is the carbon dioxid level in the workroom” (it’s a custom skill).

The reason for the duplicate response is that the friendlyNames parameter for that interface defaults to the item label name. To prevent that, you could set that parameter as “Wert” but I suspect you will run with the same issue mentioned in the post below related to the German language.

Unfortunately, only unit of measure part of the supported list can be used. This is a limitation on the Alexa side.

Number:Dimensionless Netatmo_Workroom_CO2_Alexa "Arbeitszimmer CO2" { channel = "netatmo:NAModule4:home:03000009xxxx:Co2", alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" [friendlyNames="Wert", supportedRange="300:4000:1", nonControllable=true] }
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Thanks for your support!
Your solution does work, also with more than one Netatmo device in parallel:
Question to Alexa: “Wie ist der Arbeitszimmer CO2 Wert?” (english: “What is the workroom CO2 level?”)
Alexa response: “Arbeitszimmer CO2 Wert ist 1324“ (english: „Workroom CO2 level is 1324”)

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I’m glad it is working as intended. It’s interesting that running the same exact test via the Alexa simulator isn’t giving me the same result.