REST Api lights and switches with HTTP Commands (solved)

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry PI 3b+
    • OS: Openhabian 3.0
  • Issue of the topic: Hey guys, Im completely new to Openhab and rather new to smart home and programming in general. Right now I´m trying to play around with some lights and switches via spring-feign http commands (get, post, put), but besides get-commands I´m in trouble getting the lights to change.
    I bought a few KP105 (TPLink), installed my raspberry PI with openhabian and added them via the tplink-addon, added as well equipment-modells so I can modify the brightness through the openhabian-Interface, but I seem to not get the right way to modify them with postman (get-commands work, everything else doesnt, Bearer token is in). I´d be gratefull for any help you guys could give me.
    The REST-API seems to be installed with Openhabian3.0 as a standard.
    Thanks for reading this.


hey guys, I solved it, I was being dumb, thanks for reading though.
If other people have the same problem, be sure to create an item, the POST-commands are rather easy (just a String with ON, OFF, etc), I was thinking way too complicated.

Cheers, Alex