I’m building a weather display that runs on a ESP8266 and an e-ink screen. There’s a nice REST library for the ESP and I got it reading values from openHAB within minutes (which is really rare for me). Now the device is going to be battery powered so I’d like to monitor the battery status from within openHAB. And best way I though was to use REST put. I’ve been pulling my hair out for a few hours now figuring out what’s wrong. Using curl I can update the state of an item without any problems, but I can’t get the ESP to send a proper message, openHAB just responds with 400; Rad request.
Now I know that REST questions don’t get many answers, so I’d just like to ask how do I debug in openHAB the requests that are received?


Well, turns out that the library wasn’t very complete… I managed to fix it though, so now I can make proper puts to openHAB from the ESP8266. Cool:slight_smile: