REST Interface' sitemaps endpoint


I’d like to know, if there are any discussions about the OH2 REST endpint /sitemaps?
There seems only a GET being implemented at the moment, no POST/PUT. The GET is used by the mobile clients I think.

For my purpose, a sitemap would more or less fill my gap between a completely generic UI and some settings like item ordering, mapping, … etc. But for that, on the first run, I have to create a new sitemap and afterwards, e.g. on user re-ordering, I have to overwrite that sitemap.

In my opinion, it represents the state of my UI, thats why I don’t need a deeper access to sub-nodes on the sitemap’s JSON. Just create and overwrite by sitemap’s name.

As far as I can see, we have a SitemapResource atm, which uses a list of SitemapProviders. There are two implementations: A dynamic one, which renders all GroupItems which have no parent Group and one which reads the .sitemap-Files. For persistence, we need something like a ManagedSitemapProvider, which saves to the MapDB. @Kai do you aggree with that?

/cc @teichsta

Hi @sebastian,

The discussion you are looking for is here: