REST text encoding

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to get the item labels I would like the REST API, but I´m not able to display special characters in my web page correctly. Is my suspicion correct that the REST API does not use UTF-8/Unicode for the data transmission?

If yes - do you know what encoding/code page is used and or if this can be configured?

My request headers:

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I tried this under 2.1.0 and didn’t see a problem:


Did you verify your items file is correctly encoded?

If you still see an issue, you could try adding the charset to the rest request header:

curl -X GET --header "Accept: application/json; charset=utf-8" --header "Content-type=text/plain; charset=UTF-8" localhost:8080/rest/items/

Thank you for your reply. The files are encoded UTF-8 without BOM. To verify I use the REST UI from OH and jQuery.

Strange - it does not work; also tried to escape the chars => same results:

Number ItemAirQualityOzon "Ozon O₃\u2083 (100 µg/m\u00B3)"


"label": "Ozon O?? (100 �g/m�)",

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I did some more research using fiddler to see why I can not get special characters to my web page. Here my findings.


Number ItemTemperaturBastelzimmer "G\u00E4stezimmer [%.1f °C]"


GET /rest/items/ItemTemperaturBastelzimmer HTTP/1.1
Host: haus:8080
Connection: keep-alive
Accept: */*
X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.90 Safari/537.36
Content-Type: application/json
Referer: http://haus:8080/static/Visualization/MultiLineChart_1.html?Group=GroupTemperaturZimmer&days=1
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Accept-Language: de,de-CH;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.6,en;q=0.4
Cookie: Squeezebox-player=00%3A04%3A20%3A28%3A65%3A91


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 16:22:15 GMT
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 349
Server: Jetty(9.2.19.v20160908)

{"link":"http://haus:8080/rest/items/ItemTemperaturBastelzimmer","state":"24.1","stateDescription":{"pattern":"%.1f  C","readOnly":false,"options":[]},"type":"Number","name":"ItemTemperaturBastelzimmer","label":"G stezimmer","category":"temperatur","tags":[],"groupNames":["GroupPersistrrd4jHour","GroupTemperaturOGAverage","GroupTemperaturZimmer"]}


As an “application/json” response I expect UTF-8 encoding; which it actually is - but the character \u00E4 (ä) is sent to the client as \uFFFD (label=G\uFFFDstezimmer). Thus jetty used a replacement character here … basic UI displays the item correctly:

2017-08-11 18_32_50-Raumklima Stufe 1

Any idea what might be wrong?

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You should check the encoding of the Basic UI page.

Not sure what I need to do; the page shows UTF-8 in its header, the source displays as

	<span  class="mdl-form__label">

Other code in the page seems to confirm the utf-8 encoding:

<div class="mdl-form__value">♀♂</div>

I do no see any REST request for the item label - thus the label seems to be generated by the server.

Well, now this is interesting. I duplicated your item.

String German "G\u00E4stezimmer"

Now, if I pull the list of items via /rest/items, I get the right text in the right encoding. The umlauted A is represented by 0xC3A4:

000001f0h: 22 6C 61 62 65 6C 22 3A 22 47 C3 A4 73 74 65 7A ; "label":"Gästez
00000200h: 69 6D 6D 65 72 22 2C 22 74 61 67 73 22 3A 5B 5D ; immer","tags":[]

However, if I pull the specific item by itself via /rest/items/German, I get this instead, with the special character represented by 0xE4:

000000a0h: 22 3A 22 47 65 72 6D 61 6E 22 2C 22 6C 61 62 65 ; ":"German","labe
000000b0h: 6C 22 3A 22 47 E4 73 74 65 7A 69 6D 6D 65 72 22 ; l":"Gästezimmer"
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Thank you - I´m happy that this can be reproduced. Do you know if I should open an issue for this? If so do you know where that belongs to; is the right place?

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Probably should, but I’m not sure distro is the right place.

Looks to me like the REST api lives in ESH.

So unless @Kai wants to provide better knowledge, I’d say start there.

Yes, all stuff about the REST API should be reported at ESH - thanks!

thanks :slight_smile:

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just an update; this problem is unfortunately still present in openHAB 2.2:

2017-12-22 17_30_42-Raumklima Stufe A

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… use the full list of item REST api call as a workarround; this endpoint works well:

// Get the item label from the list of all items received from 
// openHAB; this is necessary with OH 2.2 due to encoding problems 
// if we query the item directly.
// Required API:
// -
function GetItemLabelFromJSON(json, itemName) {
    var path = "$.[?(\"" + itemName + "\")].label";
    return jsonPath(json, path);

function GetAllItemInformationJSON() {
    var allItemsUrl = baseURL.concat("rest/items?recursive=false");
    return GetData(allItemsUrl);

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