Restart occurs every time multi sensor reports

The log shows a restart every time my Aeotech multi-sensor reports it’s values. I’m running the latest version of OpenHab. The sensor values always change from null to their new value. I hadn’t noticed this happening before. The battery level on the sensor is showing 100%. Extract from logs attached.OpenhabLog.txt (1.6 KB)

The trigger for the re-initialize is this

2020-06-01 11:05:53.987 [me.event.ThingUpdatedEvent] - Thing 'zwave:device:49c791b2:node14' has been updated.

… a Thing update. It’s about Thing properties, not Thing status (like online/offline).

If you’ve updated binding, it is possible current Thing definition is different from your pre-existing one. You could try deleting and rediscovering your sensorThing.

I assume you mean the latest 2.5.x version.

Was this an upgrade? Invalid addons cause all addons to reload once a minute trying to load the invalid one.

Thanks for the prompt replies. I have removed and added the device to the network, I know this because it now has a different node id. It is working as expected. It may have started since I upgraded to version 2.5.x and has been there since.

If it were a Thing properties mis-match, you need only remove and replace the Thing, entirely within openHAB.

The limitation when Things change “shape” between versions has always been there, but the added effect of blowing up parts of the system is I think new in 2.5. It is I think an over-enthusiastic effort to improve in-flight handling of deliberate edits.

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Sorry, I should have let you know that I have deleted and added the Thing, again with no change.

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Okay, I suppose z-wave is a bit unusual with this extra database/xml stuff to act as memory too. Useful to know what is needed here.

You are correct but changing from null to a known value indicates the binding is likely restarting. Looking at addons.config in the userdata tree could shed some light on invalid addons. Restdocs is a common culprit since it moved.

Thanks, do you see anything invalid in the file contents below?