Restart Openhab periodically

Since Version 1.7.1, due to the sonos binding and the buggy upnp library openhab became very unstable.
I experience a crash every day when logging is turn on and about every 3 days when logging is turn off.

Therefore, I am think to restart openhab regularly at a certain time of the day.

What is the best approach?
I am using Windows.

You could use the windows task scheduler to start the batch.

The question is related to the batch.
I would need a batch which shuts down openhab in a way the osgi exit command does.
And I do not know how this can be achieved.

The reason, just killing the java.exe which would be simple by a batch, is not great because you never be sure whether you persistence haven terminated correctly as so on.

Sorry, I pointed you in the wrong direction because I thought there is also an OH stop.bat, but there is only a start.bat.
On my Linux machine it’s easy, I just restart it :grin:

Makes me wonder if data logs could be posted to the BlueMix IBM cloud solution. That would be interesting to say the least! Opens up the possibility to big data analytics and Watson on unstructured IoT house/sensor data.