Restart vera lite from scratch or scrap transitioning to openHAB

I’ve been learning about openHAB over the course of at least a month now. I started on my PC and was able to bind all the zwave devices. I’ve since moved over to a dedicated beaglebone black I had. In the meantime one of my main zwave switches has gone from flaky to mostly dead so I ran out to get a replacement GE dimmer. I’m now getting “failed to go into learn mode to pair the new device” on the vera lite so this has kind of stopped me in my tracks.

Question right now is should I just reset the whole thing and start over? What settings are ideal, simplistic, and robust to use it as a basic zwave bridge? I’m on UI5, should I switch to UI7? Stick with zwave 3.20? Should I scap it and get a aeon stick (I don’t have any locks)?

It’s probably been a few years since I did most of the config and wouldn’t have dared consider the ‘nuclear’ option given how much time and complexity I’ve got into it, but I had to finagle a lot of manual things around the gui. OpenHAB is the bare bone text based script solution I dreamed of at the time. I’m daunted by the idea of transitioning, so just starting over almost seems easier. I’ve got a lot to offload, dsc alarm, blue iris cams, etc. I’m incorporating lots of other things as well like HA bridge for Echo, ordered a new harmony elite remote, and thinking about hue soon.

As a recent transition (we’ll, not not fully done yet) I can say it is very time consuming. I don’t have much (any) experience with Linux so factor that in but I’ve spent about 20 hours working on it.

Vera as a company is in a death spiral and the possibilities of OH are endless. I’d make the transition if you can, just prepare to set a good chunk of time to do it.

If you want to keep using Vera as the ZWave layer of openHAB then the error you’re seeing is likely fixable.

If you’re still on UI5, I’d stay there and switch to using 3.20 of the ZWave driver layer.

If you’ve lost ZWave PRI (check the MiOS status dialog) then you can get it back by switching back to 2.78 and back to 3.20. I had to do that the other day before excluding some stuff from my network.