Restful api change web GUI switch item switch between ON and OFF, but wifi switch(physical device) does not response

Hi all,

1 I manage to make use of orvibo binding to control a orvibo wifi smart socket S20 by openhab2 web GUI.

2 However, when I use Restful PUT command, which is PUT /items/{itemname}/state, although on the web GUI, the switch time response immediately, the physical device does NOT response. It is supposed to switch the light.
It looks to me the command has NOT been synchronized to the physical device.

Does any expert have some idea about that?
Why the command will be sent to physical device only by triggering from web GUI instead of restful API?
Is it something I can fix it easily?

Thank you very much.

PUT is equivalent to a postUpdate. postUpdate only changes the state of the Item internal to OH. The change doesn’t propagate to the binding so it doesn’t get sent to the device. You want to use POST which is equivalent to a sendCommand.

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Thank you very much.

It fix my problem immediately.:slight_smile: