Restore - correct path?

I flashed my Raspbbery Pi with new OH3.2.
I have a backup saved in my computer - Windows.
I need to upload it to userdata/backups in order to run a restore command (openhab-cli restore

But in order to upload backup file, I found that I need to change permission of the userdata/backups folder from Raspbbery/OH server.

What’s the command line to the correct path of “backup” folder ?
What’s the command line to change to Write permission into that folder (chmod -r folder) ?

cd openHAB-userdata/backups but got error: Not such file or folder.
cd openHAB-userdata - same error

Are you using openhabian? If so, then just go into openhabian-config and you’ll find a menu item to reset file permissions. I can’t remember which submenu it’s in.


Openhabian, yes. I didn’t found nothing, spent already hours to restore an OH broken because changing of a log from Debug to Info. OH is a crap !!!

original permisions of that folder are:

drwxrwsr-x 2 openhab openhab     4096 Aug 10  2021 backups

reconstruct it:

sudo chown openhab:openhab /var/lib/openhab/backups
sudo chmod 2775 /var/lib/openhab/backups



( mind the spelling of the environment variable ) does not work then most probably the environment variable OPENHAB_USERDATA is not set.