Restore factory settings ZME_UZB1


I’m trying to reset my ZME_UZB1, but I can’t now find how to do it. I search for the device documentation but I couldn’t find a way to reset it.

Any idea how I can do it?


It can be done from HABmin - in OH2, you need to select the controller in the thing list, then select advanced mode in the tool menu in the top right corner -:

Then select the “Hard Reset Controller” option. NOTE - this will wipe everything on the controller and completely reinitialise the stick - I’m assuming that’s what you want to do…

In OH1 HABmin, there should also be a hard reset option, but as I’ve not run this for a long time, I forget exactly where - it should be on the toolbar though when selecting the zwave options.

What’s the different between soft and hard?

A soft reset is the same as powering the stick down and back on again (eg removing it from the computer and plugging it back in). No settings are lost.

A hard reset is a complete reinitialisation of the stick - it completely wipes everything and resets it to the factory default.