Restore from JsonDB

Buongiorno a tutti,
I made some updates to my OH3 inserting a new rule.
By running it, probably due to an error almost all the system resources are occupied (linux PC). Through openhab-cli showlogs you see myriads of recurring strings.
Since 5 previous versions of the configuration are stored in JsonDB I would like to restore the one before the error. I didn’t find any instructions on how to do it, can anyone help me?
thank you

I have not been in the need to do this so my answer is based on theory only …

  • shutdown the OH service
  • make sure to create copies of the latest status of the files to not make it worse than the situation already is ( e.g. save a copy of the full history to keep the oldest once in case they would be shifted out by the actions that are to be done )
  • identify the files you would like to get back from the backup folder
  • copy them to the right folder ( one level up )
  • make sure that the name of the files is correct ( rename them )
  • start OH service again

Perhaps it would be good to clear the cache just before restarting OH. It certainly won’t hurt, except for taking a little longer to start up. The command is:

openhab-cli clean-cache