Restoring OH

Hi everyone i have been told that my system is pretty messed up and recomended to install 2.3 Stable and start again by moving my items/rules ect over

How would i do this for my Things/Items that are stored in paperUI DB

I have linked the post with my problem below

Assuming an apt-get installed or openHABian install, the files are located in /opt/openhab2/userdata/jsondb.

Also assuming that these files haven’t become corrupted you can copy them all over. If they have become corrupted, you will find backups in the backup folder and you can use one of those sets of files.

Copy these files while OH is not running.

That’s for that Rich most of my system is up and running again now started with the fresh 2.3 install copyed Jasondb files over and conf folder still got a few problems will work on them some more