Retaining my Insteon investment, replacing houselinc

I have a lot of Insteon and since they stopped supporting/enhancing houselinc I have been hurting.

It is still early but I think I found a potential platform.

Using Insteon Hub 2014 and Stringify for logic.

I now just use OH 1.8.3 without logging or persistence (because these activities were frying my uSD cards on rpi).
I no longer use OH logic - it’s all either direct links or Stringify for conditional stuff.
I no longer use OH persistence and instead I log everything to “the cloud” (I have access to free, excellent cloud history and reporting through my employer).
I no longer use OH for user interface - I just use the Insteon app or Alexa.

So what do I use OH 1.8.3 for?

Mapping everything between binding platforms, including Insteon, MyQ Garage Door, Ecobee Thermostat, & MQTT (that’s how I historize to “the cloud”).

It really is just sitting int he background unifying all my disparate platforms.

I was loosing too much time learning OH scripting, losing uSD cards to rpi, bouncing back and forth between OH1.8 & OH2.

I went back to OH 1.8.3 because it seemed like the stable path.

Now I just have an items file - nothing in rules, scripts, persistance, etc.

I am going to to try this for a year and see how it works out.

I still use Insteon Terminal for testing.

You other insteon guys might want to look at stringify and/or Amazon Echo if you haven’t yet.
I’ve only had it a couple weeks and just moved back to OH1.8.3 in this limited fashion since last weekend but my OH administration might be just adding new stuff I buy to my.items.

Time will tell but I’m feeling like I’m going to have a lot less hassle.

Stringify looks pretty cool, too bad it doesn’t support Android yet or I’d check it out. I think it supports the platforms I currently have: Netatmo, Ecobee, Rachio. I don’t see Insteon listed how are you connecting it to Stringify?

Hopefully they will integrate Google Home

Stringify and Insteon 2014 Hub (2245-222) do work with each other.

I had never heard of Stringify and was awaiting IfTTT support as an option but that didn’t happen and then I discovered Stringify from some Insteon email.

Stringify Ecobee support is dumb because you can only set a few things, so…

With OH1.8 we have WAY more Ecobee integration and OH1.8 can sync that to Insteon devices so…

Same with MyQ Garage door opener - OH1.8 is better.

My plan is to only Stringify to Insteon.

If I need anything from Ecobee, MyQ, etc I will sync it to an Insteon device.

It might even be possible to sync things to an Insteon scene or “virtual device”(versus using an actual devices) - I haven’t explored that yet.

Openhab has uniquely tackled the in depth integration that Ecobee, MyQ and probably others are resisting with other “partners”.

Sincerely, Jeff Tapia

It is available (in beta) now: