Return Caller ID to OpenHAB in Android APP

I love the feature to Return if someone is calling on the Phone via the AndroidApp to OpenHAB. I think it could be even better if there was a second Item which holds the Caller ID or the Name linked to the Caller ID. As a consequence it would be possible to have multiple behaviours depending on the caller.

I didnt know where to post this feature request (maybe github?) so I posted it here.

You would then get complaints about why the app needs those Android permissions.

If I enable the Feature “Return Callerstatus to Openhab” it needs the Permission already. So it has the needed permission. Its just a matter of sending the number/string to the Server

This would require the READ_CALL_LOG permission. It’s not allowed to use this permission except for default SMS or phone apps.
There are a few other exceptions listed here, but none really matches the openHAB app.

I think you can do this with Tasker. The Android app has pretty good integration with Tasker and I believe that Tasker has the right permissions. There are at least Caller Name and Caller Number variables which appear to get populated when a call comes in. You can create a Task that triggers when the phone rings and send the value of the Caller Name/Caller Number variable to an OH Item using the OH Plugin in Tasker.

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