Reusable Sitemap Sections

What about this Howto: Generate similar item/sitemap configurations using templates ?

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I believe that the ungrateful soul followed up with a thanks.



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Script is one solution.

Another possibility might be using groups in a clever way. You include only the group in all 4 sitemaps. The real content of the group you configure in the item file(s).

Doing so changes on one place (the item files) will change appearance of all 4 sitemaps.


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There’s a relatively simple way. Create a sitemap for each of your ‘re-usable’ sections and then use
Webview url=“” height=19
This displays the RSSI sitemap within the ‘master’ sitemap. You only need to make the changes in the child sitemaps and they’ll automatically update in the master sitemaps

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Thanks to all for all kind of solution, in next days I will try each one of them so I can find the one that fit to my need.


that is fine but why not just add a feature that allows to import sections to the sitemap from other files? This would be so powerful and now people have to copy and paste stuff around. It is just one of the first thing anyone looks to avoid and for some reason not a priority in openhab.

Because someone must be willing to spend his time and needs to be proficient enough in openHAB programming. openHAB is a volunteer-driven project. Dunno why you ask me that after 1yr+ but
I’m already contributing my share.

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