Reuse Mapping in sitemap

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m having a pretty hard time understanding the mapping of items in the sitemap.

given a mapping file like

5.0=5.0 °C
5.5=5.5 °C

the following item will work:

Number FirstHeating "First Heating [MAP(]"
Number SecondHeating "Second Heating [MAP(]"

but if I want to add a switch to a sitemap, I’d still have to add every mapping again for the selection:

Selection item=FirstHeatingToggle mappings=[4.5="OFF", 5.0="5.0 °C", 5.5="5.5 °C"…]
Selection item=SecondHeatingToggle mappings=[4.5="OFF", 5.0="5.0 °C", 5.5="5.5 °C"…]

Is there any way to get all the available mappings from the transformation file into the selection for the sitemap so I don’t have to repeat myself there? Any hints appreciated! :smiley:

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It is an unfortunate overlapping of terms. The MAP construct and the mapping construct are completely different. There is no way to use a .map file with the mapping construct. Unfortunately you have to repeat yourself for that.

Oooooh, I see. So I guess this will be a little Copy & Paste Fest then. :smiley: Thanks for clearing this up – I just wanted to be sure that I didn’t oversee anything.