Reverse proxy authentication in URL string for tasker app?

I use the Tasker android app to automate numerous things from my phone. For example, presence detection and “heading home”. It is connecting using myopenhab, which is how I’ve had it running for a while now. Tasker uses HTTP post and get as follows:

However, myopenhab is very slow and unreliable. And seems to get worse rather than better over time. So I use reverse proxy for the OpenHab app and web connections, and it is great.

What I can’t figure out, is how to use the REST API over reverse proxy with the username and password passed through in the URL. Can this be done?

Nevermind. This actually works just fine. I must have been typing the URL in wrong when I was trying the other day. https://username:password@domain_or_ip:port/rest/items/item_name/ works fine.