Reverse Proxy using DuckDNS

First of all I want to thank you all of you at the community for giving me all the knowledge I have today.
Regarding my question I want to setup reverse proxy for my setup running some sonoffs and a camera.I know I’ve referred to docs but I don’t understand it completely.If someone can simplify it and give me step by step process it will be great.By the I want to ssl certificate be renewed automatically if possible.
Thanks in Advance.

Yash Shah.

You are unlikely to get many responses to such a “do it for me” type of post. You are more likely to get help if you try yourself, post what you have done up to the point where you hit a wall, then post specific questions for help.

One final note, DuckDNS has nothing to do with the reverse proxy configuration. Setting up DuckDNS and setting it up for renewal is way outside the scope of openHAB. It is also outside the scope of the openHAB provided reverse proxy instructions which only goes as far as linking to instructions from Dyn and No-IP. You will have to go to the DuckDNS site and obtain instructions for how to set that up there.