Reworking CUL Config

I would like to rework the way config is done in CUL Transport.

Any binding should allow the global configuration such as serial parameters and not each binding implement this on its own (e.g. intertechno binding does not implement baudrate, fs20 does)

In this I would like to get



Is anyone else currently working in this area?
Should I just do the changes and send a pull request or is there interest for more up front discussion here?
Anything else besides what’s written here


This sounds like it would require changes to the core of openHAB 1. Development on the core of OH 1 has been frozen so this change is unlikely to be considered there. However, many changes are being made to how configuration is done in OH 2. Development discussions for OH 2 are taking place on the Eclipse SmartHome forum. That is probably a better place to ask this question.

Though I will admit I don’t use any of these bindings nor do I completely understand the problem or the proposed solution. But I do know if it touches the core, you need to discuss it on the OH 2 development forum.

It actually doesn’t touch any of the core. There’s a transport bundle that the other bundle use and so that one plus the bundles using it would be touched.


I am using CUL with FHT, FS20, among others. Unfortunately I am not able to get the IDE up and running, so do you plan to enhance the FHT binding, too? If so, I have some requirements and I will offer support with testing and analysis of missing features.

My first goal is to at least clean up the config to allow me to configure serial parameters for intertechno. Depending on my time I could probably help doing some other changes if needed, but I only have hardware for intertechno right now.

I started now on the refactoring

would be great to get some feedback.

I’m also thinking to move the device name into the CULConfig as well that way everything that’s part of the common CUL layer is handled there instead of in each binding. In addition this would make it possible to run some validation based on the type already when the config is done instead of only when the CULHandler is created.