RF 433Mhz MQTT gateway bidirectional --> OpenMQTTGateway

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If this can be usefull to someone I wrote an article about how to setup an RF MQTT gateway,

The characteristics are:

  • Bi directionnal gateway
  • Based on RCSwitch library
  • Ethernet connexion

Main advantage is the easy connexion to RF433 cheap sensors and actuators.

It can be once setup connected to openhab to integrate these components in your home automation system.

Btw, there is a Linux program out there called Heyu. It is designed to be a Linux X10 RF/Powerline interface. It has the ability to read a rfxcom (and more) and then execute code upon receipt. I used it for years for my old X10 setup before moving to openHAB/Insteon. I still use it to receive X10 rf and publish the receipt of those signals to the MQTT bus for use in openHAB.

Interesting this program thanks for the info I suppose that the RFXCOM can be replaced on the Pi by a XD RF 5V and a FS1000A, (I’m a little bit afraid by the price of the rfxcom).
At the begining of my design phase I was thinking about putting the RF emitter and receiver directly on the PI, nevertheless I decided to let low level security functions on an arduino for reliability reasons. The alarm ring and some actions are not Pi dependent and handled directly by the arduino. If the Pi fail or hang the arduino will continue to do important functions.


Have a look at RFlink, a cheap alternative for RFXcomm.
Unfortunately no binding (yet) for OH, hopefully this will come soon! :slight_smile:


Yep interesting mostly for the number of 433mhz protocols supported, it s a pity it doesn’t support mqtt. Integrating it with other system than domoticz would be easy with this protocol.


Perhaps you can try to persuade the developers of RFlink to make it MQTT compatible ?



question sent :slight_smile:


They answered me that they are working on a OpenHAB binding currently !

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Good news, thanks !


Did you get some more recent information ?
Is the binding still under development? Just askin’ because I’ve just received my RFLink card. Could be cool to be able to use it now :wink:


no special informations, you can contact them if you are interested

Before binding arrive you can use my esp8266 based mqtt to RFLink bridge

Between this first gateway achievment and now I have improved it by porting it to esp8266:

Just need to add a receiver and an emitter to the ESP8266.

Very well your work, ethernet gateway receives well the codes 433Mhz.
I am on a PI with OH2 and I do not understand where are entered the data and how to return an order.
I installed MQTT bindding and MQTT Action in PaperUI but I can not find how to connect it.


You need only binding-mqtt1 - 1.9.0 in paperUI installed.

After you have to create the switchs in items file that will send the information (and receive if you want to update their states corresponding to a remote button press)
Take a look at this article it can be applied to OpenHAB2 also:

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Finally, my system works well but is not compatible with HABPanel.
I explain myself and maybe I made a mistake somewhere.
On a console, I type “mosquitto_sub -t home / 433toMQTT”.

  • When I press a key on the remote control, I have a code that appears on the console and on the serial monitor, the Switch icon on HABPanel reflects the status. At this point, the plugs are controlled normally.
  • I now type “mosquitto_pub -t home / MQTTto433 / -m 329044”. This controls the plugs and is displayed on the serial monitor. The Switch icon on HABPanel does not change.
  • Finally, I click on the “Switch” icon on HABPanel, the icon changes state but nothing on the console and nothing on the monitor serie. Of course, the plugs do not work.

My item’s file:
Switch Salon “Lampes Salon” {mqtt=">[oh2: home/MQTTto433:command:ON:329041],>[oh2:home/MQTTto433:command:OFF:329044],<[oh2: home/433toMQTT:command:ON:329041],<[oh2: home/433toMQTT:command:OFF:329044]"}

An idea or not compatible for now?

  1. ok
  2. it is normal that the switch in habpanel does not change in this case, the command that update the switch is listening 433toMQTT and not MQTTto433

<[oh2: home/433toMQTT:command:OFF:329044

But do you really need to update the switch if the command comes from MQTT

  1. should work with HABPanel, I just tested it right now and mine is working on basic UI and HABPanel,

A major change for the gateway:

I have merged the code of arduino Uno and esp8266 into one code and added improvements. I renamed the program to OpenMQTTGateway.

Please note that this version is for test, the previous one is still available here

The documentation is now on the github wiki

Is there a way to show that the OpenMQTTGateway is up/online via the MQTT feed from mosquitto in an openhab sitemap ? messing with some 433Mhz devices, progress being made, excellent Project , thanks


Yes add a switch to your item file:
Switch GatewayAlive "MQTT ESP32 Alive" {mqtt="<[broker:home/OpenMQTTGateway/LWT:state:ON:Online],<[broker:home/OpenMQTTGateway/LWT:state:OFF:Offline]"}

And add this item to your sitemap.

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