RF CC1101 connect to Raspberry using Openhab

Hi all. I need receive/send some data between Rf CC1101 connected to Raspberry using Openhab (1.8.3) and Rf CC1101 on MSP430. I only care part of RF on Raspberry.
I have read topics but I am understand how to receive/send data CC1101 using Openhab. I get a bit information that MQTT binding can be used for my problem.
Can I use EXEC or ZWave or any binding to solve it.
Please help me

You will need to do the following, almost all of which is outside the scope of openHAB:

  • figure out how to connect the RF CC1101 to the Raspberry Pi
  • find and/or write some code to communicate with this transceiver so you can send and receive messages
  • in this code, write a bridge that will receive messages from openHAB over something like MQTT and convert and transmit those messages over the RF CC1101 and that will convert and publish any messages received from the RF CC1101 over something like MQTT to openHAB

There is no binding that will implement this for you.

NOTE: Getting this sort of thing to work is really really hard, at least in my experience, and particularly so if you are not experienced.

I recommend finding a forum with users of Pis and this transceiver and asking there. In all the years I’ve been on this forum, this is the first mention I’ve seen of an RD CC1101 so you are unlikely to find too many people here who can help.

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@rlkoshak, Thank you for your reply. I am a new in Openhab. I will try it with MQTT binding, If there is any information, please let me know. Thank again

I don’t know the RF CC1101, but it sounds like a part that is build into my CUL stick from bus ware com (sorry German page). Or the rfxcom from rfxcom.com.
I’m using my stick to send 433 MHz on/off commands to electric plugs using the Intertechno binding.

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Hi @opus, Could you help me to understand about Intertechno binding. I have to connect rf CC1101 with Raspberry running Openhab via Port?? GPIO or UART or SPI. Please help me

Using the Intertechno Binding you can send send RF signals to 433 or 866MHz equipment, namley for the Intertechno RF switchable power plugs.
AS fas as I understand the binding expects the transmitter on a serial port as set by “device=serial:/dev/ttyACM0”. I don’t know if you can use your RF CC1101 directly that way, or better I don’t THINK you can do that. But I may be mistaken! I decided to go for a ready made device that is reported to work but not that cheap instead of trying to build something on my own out of cheap parts.

To explain a bit more of the actual use of the binding, I would need to know what kind of device you are trying to send messages to.
The binding supports a “raw” mode, using that mode you can send code like

Switch Elro_Weiss “Elro-Weiss” (EG_Wohnzimmer) {culintertechno=“type=raw;address=00000FFF0F;commandOn=FF;commandOff=F0”} /* Intertechno Code A15, Elro weiß */

That way in case of the ON command “00000FFF0FFF” is send via the device on the serial port.
Does that help you?

I will test it as soon as possible and then I will reply my result in this topic. Thanks for your help.