RF door window sensor that indicates OPEN and CLOSED?

I’m slowly expanding my system which I started with 1 Sonoff B1 a month ago. Nowadays I have replaced all lightbulbs in my apartment with either a B1 or a BN-SZ1 and I have a ton of switches also. Today came my Sonoff RF Bridge which I planned to use mainly for door / window sensors and keychain remotes. Unfortunately, it seems that the cheap sensors I found from eBay only send a code when the door is OPENED but not when it’s closed. That’s already fine for basic stuff but I would like to know when a door is CLOSED again. Could anybody recommend reasonably cheap battery powered 433MHz RF sensors which report OPEN and CLOSED?

Hi Stefan,
i’m using a sensor from Intertechno, ITM-100, which signals OPEN and CLOSED for ca. 20€.
I have it integrated via a 433MHz Gateway and MQTT into openHAB.

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