RF-Link working in Domoticz , Offline in OpenHAB2

  • Platform information:OpenHAB2
    • Hardware: RPi3
    • OS: _Latest OpenHAB2

Hi , i’m trying to get my RF Link to work on openHAB2 (it’s now working on Domoticz so hardware is ok)

This is wat i did…
Installed RFXCom binding

But RFLink stays offline ?

Any advise ?

Thx for the help;)

Because RFLink and RFXCom are two very different things
The RFLink device will not work with the RFXCom binding
There is an RFLink binding available there: https://github.com/cyrilcc/org.openhab.binding.rflink

Thx a lot!
Can i install this trough PaperUI ?

Nope, instructions on gitHUB

yup , found them…:slight_smile: