RF9540 dimmer and RF9542 accessory switches

Hi. I’m new to OH but have been using a Vera Edge for a while. I’ve added a Cooper RF9540 and it’s working fine. I’ve added a Cooper RF9542 accessory switch and have not been able to figure out to get them to talk to each other.

The master switch 9540 is Node2 and the accessory 9542 is Node3. I’ve set the association of both to the other but when I make a change in the UI or on the actual switch, they are not updating each other.

I discovered the HABmin panel and have been trying to configure them there.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to OH. The associations only work when manually controlling the switches. When using OH to control the main switch you need a rule that responds to an update to the main switch and sets the on/off/dim level of the associated aux switch.

There is quite of bit of back and forth in the forums of the pros and cons of association vs syncing by rules. My personal philosophy is that for switches where I want to make sure they still work if my system is down (usually because I did something and broke it and want to keep the WAF up) I use direct associations with sync rules and the rest I use just rules.