[RFC] - Some thoughts of decentralised merging and code reviews

Hi community!

I have been following this for almost 2 years now and also contributed a little.
In the last month the project have grow even bigger with the merging to Eclipse Smarthome.
I don’t think that effort have payed of yet but its great to the platform to actually make money from it.

This have pilled up merging which some how is bottle necking the development.

I have discovered a tool called LGTM which jacks into githubs required status checks.
This requires a defined amount of maintainers to collaborative validate and merge commits.
It’s currently used by the drone.io project at github.
Here are some thoughts from a company which adopted these practices.

I can also see the point of initial reviews shall focus on documentation and legal aspects.
People will patch it until its works. (And if things stay broken its easy to exclude them because bindings and such is a isolated component)

I also thinks this shall be topped with some gameification and rewards:

What do you think, just bullshit or do it make any sense?