RFX Byron BY

Hello Guys.

I am testing a Byron Chime with the doorbell button BY30.

In the RFXcommngr I get the result :
14/03/2020 08:17:26:091= 071603007E228770
Packettype = Chime
subtype = Byron BY
Sequence nbr = 0
ID = 0FC45 decimal:64581
Sound = 7
Signal level = 7 -64dBm
In Openhab it is translated as an UNDECODED_RF_MESSAGE-UNDECODED
probably because the subtype Byron BY is not known in the chime device.
Is this a correct assumption ? Can anybody help me to add this subtype or is there another solution ?

Thank you for the feedback


@Filip_Roelandt, could you provide both raw message and parsed message from RFXCom manager?

doorbell.txt (46.6 KB) select sound.txt (46.5 KB)

The doorbell has 2 buttons, 1 to set the sound and 1 obviously… to ring the bell.
I have added the raw input of both buttons and I have done 3 runs for both.
If you need more, let me know.

Greetzdoorbell_message.txt (735 Bytes) select sound_message.txt (2.2 KB)

the *_message.txt files contain the decoded messages by RFXcom.

@pauli_anttila thanks for your effort.

@Filip_Roelandt, not sure why you see UNDECODED_RF_MESSAGE in openHAB, because it’s own message type send by the rfxcom controller. Rfxcom has send Undecoded message to openHAB rather than Chime message. Do you set rfxcom mode via openHAB configuration (setMode). Maybe you disable Byron BY protocol by openHAB configuration?

Anyhow, Byron BY message format was not fully supported by Chime message in openHAB (message was encoded/coded wrongly).
In following version, Byron BY message parsing should be fixed https://www.dropbox.com/s/2z3wp34mgoib49s/org.openhab.binding.rfxcom-2.5.3-SNAPSHOT.jar?dl=0

I don’t own any Chime devices, so it’s tested by the test data you send.

If you still have problem, please provide full trace level logs.

@pauli_anttila Thanks for the feedback.
I enable the rfxcom mode on the controller itself. I don’t configure through openHAB. But I will check again.

thanks for the quick update.

Just to check have you had any progress with this bell chime. I own Byron BY301 and would love to get some feedback on openHAB each time bell button is pressed.

Hi Andy,

It works well. I found the issue with my setup. The hint from @pauli_anttila got me thinking. I found that the issue was the firmware I used in the RFXcom controller. I enabled everything but the BY protocol was translated as undecoded. It seams that you need to flash your controller with the firmware PRO1. I used PRO2 and there the BY is not decoded. only in PRO 1 it is recognised.

@Filip_Roelandt, did you test the snapshot binding which I referred earlier (better support for Byron BY)? Before I make PR to openHAB master brach, I like to get some feedback.

Hi guys,

I really would like to try this setup. I got on stock BY301 door bell base but without its original ring bell push button - but that’s an issue could get one today there are only £7.
The biggest problem I have is that I don’t own RFXcom controller, it’s price device. Is there any other alternative on market which would do the same ?

Sorry to revive this topic, but I would like to test / get the Byron BY working through the RFXCOM binding in openHAB. I could not download your modified binding anymore and am running OH3 by now. The chime works fine from RFXmngr by selecting Byron BY under chime. Unfortunately BY was added later to RFXCOM and is not available in the openHAB RFXCOM binding.

Also curious if someone managed to set up up in a different way in openHAB.


I never get feedback if changes works, so I didn’t make a PR either. Anyhow, code changes are still available on my personal repo if you or anyone else want to try (you need to build the binding by you own).

Thank you Pauli, I will give it a try and see if I can apply your changes to the OH3 RFXCom binding. I will report back if and when I have some results.