RFX433: Two distinct items update with 433mhz door sensors?

Hi there,

I have the following items definitions:

String ds2_status "Bad Fenster " (bd, windows) {channel="rfxcom:security1:sunflower:8154624:status"}
String ds4_status "H Tuere" (eg) {channel="rfxcom:security1:sunflower:12129536:status"}

With a remote rfx433 defined as:

Bridge rfxcom:tcpbridge:sunflower [ host="", port=10001 ] {

I noticed that if I open the door for ds4_status, ds2_status gets the same update.
If I open ds2_status, this doesn’t happen.

What could cause this? I might have changed the IDs in the channel definition of these entries at some point, can this be a problem?

Any relation exists between your groups (bd/windows/eg) ? For debug I would first remove these