RFXcom a-ok blinds not all opening (intermittent)

Hi All,

Running OH 3.4.0 M3 on a rpi 4. I am controlling 6 a-ok blinds using the RFXcom binding. Everything appears to be working however 1 of the 6 blinds doesn’t open intermittently. It can be any of the 6 blinds. It happens quite frequently. I have the RFXcom logging at debug and see the RF signals are being sent for all 6 blinds.

Is it possible there is a race condition? In the rule, I send an OPEN command to all 6 blinds immediately one after the other. I wonder if adding a sleep of 500 ms between each send might fix it? I’ll give it a try.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, have you found a fix for it?