RFXCOM and undecoded RF messages in OH2


The RFXCOM binding is working perfectly and I can control QNECT PROFILE RF power plugs with OH2.

With the RFXMngr under Windows, I discovered the HEX RF code of the remote of my garage door by using the undecoded option. However I’m not able to transmit it. Probably I’m doing something wrong but I don’t find any OH2 examples and the documentation is too brief for me.


Bridge rfxcom:bridge:usb1 [ serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB1", transmitPower=10 ] {
    Thing lighting5 remote3_2     [deviceId="3884.2" ,  subType="KANGTAI"]
    Thing undecoded remote_garage [subType="ARC"    ]


Switch Plug_Spare  "Plug Spare" <poweroutlet> { channel="rfxcom:lighting5:usb1:remote3_2:command" }
String GarageDoor  "Garage Door"<garagedoor>  { channel="rfxcom:undecoded:usb1:remote_garage:rawpayload" }


Switch item=GarageDoor mappings=["ABCDEF12345689"=OPEN, ""=CLOSE]

Could somebody help me?

Kind regards,

These appear to be backwards. The docs appear to show it should be:

Switch item=GarageDoor mappings=[OPEN="ABCDEF12345689", CLOSE=""]

Tried your suggestion, but no success.

Manual for mappings says: value1=“description1”. When you press the button with description1, value1 is assigned to the parameter. My sitemap displays the two buttons: OPEN and CLOSE. But if I press on OPEN nothing is transmitted.

I saw I didn’t put the description between quotes. By doing this, the resulting sitemap looks the same and this doesn’t solve the problem either.

Switch item=GarageDoor mappings=[“ABCDEF12345689”="OPEN", “”="CLOSE"]

It appears the you will have to play with the device subtype:
At the moment you have “ARC”
These are the others available:

  • AC - AC
  • ARC - ARC
  • ATI - ATI
  • HIDEKI_UPM - Hideki, UPM
  • LACROSSE_VIKING - La Crosse, Viking
  • AD - AD
  • MERTIK - Mertik Maxitrol Fireplace controllers
  • OREGON1 - Oregon Scientific 1
  • OREGON2 - Oregon Scientific 2
  • OREGON3 - Oregon Scientific 3
  • PROGUARD - ProGuard
  • VISONIC - Visonic
  • NEC - NEC
  • FS20 - FS20
  • RESERVED - Reserved
  • BLINDS - Blinds
  • RUBICSON - Rubicson
  • AE - AE
  • FINE_OFFSET - Fine Offset
  • RGB - RGB
  • RTS - RTS
  • SELECT_PLUS - Select Plus
  • HOME_CONFORT - Home Confort

Hopefully one of these will work. They have to do will the signal modulation and coding

I used “ARC” because this is how the RFXMgr displayed the undecoded message when I pressed the remote.

I would realy like to see a working example of this RFXCOM-binding with undecoded message (things + items + sitemap).