RFXcom binding and Somfy enable sun-wind detector

Recently I bought an RFXCom to communicate to my balcony Somfy motorised sunscreen (6m * 5m). I have used the rollershutter item to declare my sunscreen in the items list and are now able to open and close my sunscreen. With the current setup it is not possible to enable/disable the sun-wind detector and hence the screen sometimes closes when i want it to be open and so on. I can’t find a way to give such a command through the binding because valid values are OPEN/CLOSE/STOP.
Would it be possible to add these commands to the binding?

Domotiga calls them:
ENSUNFLAG - Enable sun+wind detector
DISSUNFLAG - Disable sun detector

I think it’s best to create an issue at github. Since OH2 is the future you should probably ask it there.

Thank you:

Hi, which model exactly did you buy? At the moment I have two relays wired to my remote, works fine but I would like a more sophisticated solution.


I bought the RFXcom USB 433.92MHz transceiver RfxTrx433E.




I got my Somfy blinds and venetian blinds working with RFXTRX, but I would love to adjust the angle on the venetian ones.
Someone got this working through Openhab and how?

The fix should be PR#2689. It’s generally best to open an issue or at least start a new thread rather continuing one that ended ages ago.